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Traditional 12 inch Tapered Unity Candle

Availabe in White, Ivory or Custom Color.  When ordering a Custom Color please provide a color sample. We can color match, as closely as possable, with a color sample. Whitout a sample we are just guessing. We will call you to discuss the spacifics of your color(s) of choice. 


The Tradition of the Unity Cande: After the vows are spoken, the bride and groom are each given a lighted taper from the altar. Together they light the wedding candle and blow out the separate tapers symbolizing the unity of two lives ino one. Each year thereafter, on their anniversary, the couple lights the candle in remembrance of their commitment to one another. 



Hand Carved Candles are make from paraffin wax. Paraffin provides the best medium to carve the wax. We use pure cotton wicking and the glaze is a water based acrylic. 

12 Inch Traditional Tapered Unity Candle

  • We would be love to discuss customization of your candle. Custumization will incure an additional charge.


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    • Print... Names/Dates, Mongrams, Verse, Poems or anything that I can print.
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