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12/19/23 Today's Custom Candles

Today I had an order come in for these 4 inch candles!

They make wonderful Christmas Gifts! Which on do you wish was your Christmas Gift?

•4 inch Blues and Black Cherry w/glitter, $28

•4 inch Purple and Pink w/glitter, $28

•4 inch Purples w/glitter, $28

•4 inch Blue and Teal/White w/glitter $28

•4 inch Pink and Purple w/glitter, $28

•4 inch Purple/White with glitter, $28

•4 inch Blue/Green/ Brown w/glitter, $28

•4 inch Red/Black/White w/glitter, $28

•4 inch Neutral Faded w/glitter, $28

This one is a smaller version of the very popular New Poinsettia design for this year.

•6 inch Dr Green/White/Red w/Red Poinsettias, $36

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